Mishandled Baggage

The baggage of passengers, sometimes, does not arrive with the passengers due to mis-handling of the baggage by the airlines concerned. Such baggage comes by a subsequent flight. Conversely, sometimes, the baggage of a passenger may arrive by a flight prior to the flight by which the passenger eventually comes due to mis-handling by the airlines concerned.

Thus, packages left over after the normal clearance of baggage by the incoming passengers, are termed as "mishandled baggage". All such mishandled packages are collected by the Airlines and deposited with the Detention Officer against A.O.C. cards. Baggage claimed by passengers within 48 hours of their receipt, are cleared straightway through any of the baggage counters on production of A.O.C. card and landing certificate. Packages claimed after 48 hours shall be cleared on working days and during working hours only from the regular Mishandled Baggage Warehouse.

Mishandled Baggages which are not cleared within 30 days of their deposit in M.B Warehouse, will be treated as excess landed and un-manifested cargo. Such packages would be disposed of by Customs without any further reference to Airlines.


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